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New Works at Collect 2022

This year feels like a new beginning literally.. Looking forward to share new works at Collect 2022 this week with Ruup & Form.

The series of Quadriptych artwork are titled -

Reimagined Landscapes

‘’ Memories of Being ‘’

These four Re-imagined landscapes are made from a mix of collected old maps of places we know, lived in, travelled to, displaced from, or longed for. I created a mélange of threads made from these collected old maps to slow-stitch and to render landscapes that are harmonious representations of co-existence, multiplicity, and connectedness.

It attempts to tap into the innocence of nature, its Being and interconnectedness. Inspired by a cycle of a day, the series is born out of the constant tussle to belong to a place or two…to get over the question when one sees these landscapes, where? which place? which country? to be able to see it as is...

The tiles of the four pieces sums up the work appropriately :

to Rise

to Flow

to Set

to Be

Come and see the work in person from 25th -27th February:

Booth S8

South Wing, Somerset House

Feb 23- 24 - VIP

Feb 25-27 - tickets on sale from Collect website


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