My practice is of British and Indian heritage. I collect and work with found memory artefacts such as old photographs, postcards, letters, diaries and maps. Through these, I contemplate and explore the notion of home and belonging also the interplay of memory, place and identity in it. Often these artefacts are old maps that bring forth the evolving nature of boundaries – both physical as well as psychological. Along with these constantly evolving boundaries, are the identities that are being re-shaped. I use bare minimum tools and use stitch to recreate a sense of belonging that often requires listening and nurturing that my work attempts to capture. 

My studio practice generally involves collecting, organising, slowing down and making sense of my life, which is divided between making art and being in the world. The rituals around my work help me question, comprehend and eventually believe in what my work stands for. It helps me appreciate what is precious and important in today’s fast and digital world. Also, for me, it is an attempt to stay connected with what is fading but precious in life. 




2014 - MA in Sustainable Textile design from Chelsea College of Arts and Design, London

2003 - Masters in Apparel and Textile Design from NID (Nationl Institute of Design, India)



2022  The Other Art Fair London, King's Cross (30 June - 3 July)


2022  Solo show at The Textile Galleries, The Knitting & Stitching Show, Alexandra Palace (6-9 October 2022)

2022  Solo show at The Textile Galleries, The Knitting & Stitching Show, Harrogate (17-20 November 2022)


2022 Collect Art Fair, Somerset House, London, UK ( February)


2021 Artefact Craft Fair, London, UK (22nd - 29th June)


2021 Collect Art Fair, London, UK (26 Feb- 2 March)


2020 Rising Stars Exhibition, New Ashgate Gallery, Surrey, UK (March 7th-13th June 2020)



2019 Handmade in Britain, Oxford ( June 27-30th)


2019 Ashmolean Museum, Identity exhibition, Handmade in Britain, Oxford ( June 14-16th)


2019 Cluster Art & Craft Fair, London ( May 2-5th)


2019 Group Exhibition at Seventeen Gallery, London (18-20th Jan)



2018 - Transformation 10: Contemporary Works in Found Materials , United States,
Pittsburgh (September 14, 2018-March 9, 2019)


2018 - Kingsgate Workshops Open Studios, Textile Hub London ( June 23 - 24th)

2018 - Select Trail, Gallery 2, Museum in the Park, Stratford Park, Stroud, UK (May 5 - 6th)



2017 - Selvedge Fair, London (2nd December)


2017- Marshwood Arts, Bridport Arts Centre from Saturday 4th November to 2nd December 2017)

2017- Kingsgate Workshops Open Studios, Textile Hub London (24-25th June)

2017 - The Contemporary Craft Festival , Devon (9-11th June)


2016 - Kingsgate Workshops Open Studios, Textile Hub London (1-4th December)



2016 - Kingsgate Workshops Open Studios, Textile Hub London (25-26th June)


2015 - Kingsgate Workshops Open Studios, Textile Hub London (18-19th July)


2014 - Chelsea College Postgraduate Summer Show 2014 (5th to 12th September) 




Shortlisted for the 2021 "Brookfield Properties Crafts Council Collection Award"


Finalist in Transformation 10: Contemporary Works in Found Materials, the Elizabeth

R. Raphael Founder’s Prize (September 14, 2018-March 9, 2019), US.


Selected as finalist for the Applied Arts category within the Marshwood Arts Awards


Best New Business- Contemporary Craft Festival Jury Award 2017, UK.



2022 Feature in Colour Hive Magazine 


2020 Work to feature in the book Textile Travels authored by Anne Kelly

2019 Feature in a Dutch Textile Art magazine (https://www.textielplus.nl/artikelen/borduren-thema-txp- textiel-plus-250/)


2018 Work featured in Embroidery Magazine; May-June 2019


2017 Artist feature and interview by Helen Adams, Textile Curator



2017 Features as Artist of the Week and interviewed by Craft Council, UK









Craft Council Directory Member


Textiles Hub London

''An artist is a poet in his or her own medium

And when an artist produces a good piece,

that work has mystery, an un said quality, it 

is alive'' - Toshiko Takaezu