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Group Exhibition at Seventeen Gallery, London

STRUCTURES FORM A FIELD ONCE A SINGLE LINE IS DRAWN EXPOSING FRAGMENTS 18/19/20 January 2019 11am – 6pm daily, includes live performances throughout PV Friday 18 January 7 – 9pm, includes live performance Seventeen 270 – 276 Kingsland Road, London E8 4DG Entrance on Acton Mews A loosely curated exhibition slowly opening a conversation on the retail space and our understanding of it as a commercial phenomenon and its resonances with fast fashion. Displayed works appear to be in progress, allowing manufactured artefacts to become open, honest (occasionally satirical) independent narratives themselves. It may be that ‘the medium is the message’ since artists use textiles or canvas (the media used for centuries in the art of fashion) as a way to convey differently angled narratives and reveal individual/independent perspectives on this complex subject matter which is constantly physically and conceptually manufacturing our lived experiences. But here textiles are not wholesale; here stories have space (and time) to present and expose themselves in greater depth. This project is an indirect response to the artist David Raymond Conroy’s residency at Seventeen gallery. Participating artists are: Neringa Dastoor Richard McVetis Archana Pathak YiMiao Shih Performance schedule: Friday 18 January: 11-2pm Richard McVetis 7-9pm (PV): Richard McVetis, YiMiao Shih, Neringa Dastoor Saturday 19 January: 11-2pm Richard McVetis 3-5pm YiMiao Shih Sunday 20 January: 11-12noon Archana Pathak 4-5pm Neringa Dastoor

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